About Us

Our journey as EFAH Group of Companies started in 2017 at the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Striding in the construction industry to integrate the traditional architecture concept with modern design to create contemporary aesthetics while preserving the heritage.

Providing its unparalleled services in GRC, GRP, GRG, Architectural designs, and Interior design works in the construction industry to redefine the existing development standards in UAE. Since its establishment, we as a group company have expanded immensely and continue to bring advancement in technology and produce high-end results. We focus on excellence with a mere focus on project management, time management, budget control, and attention to detail to attain the utmost pleasure for our clients.

holds to be the best provider among numerous other companies. We have a lot of potential to offer through our hardworking team of professionals and our fine quality materials. We hope to stand headstrong throughout the Master plan 2040 and to a lot more

Our Vision

To spread globally by our capability of setting up and executing complex projects with innovative ideas and technological advancements in the interior and architecture sectors.

Our Mission

To combine UAE's traditional architecture with modern infrastructure to provide a classic, contemporary, and innovative interior and exterior designs.