Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete


Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete – GRC is one of the most dynamic and pioneering building materials available in the industry, and it is contributing significantly to the construction industry's cost-saving, technology, and aesthetics globally. GRC, a multifunctional construction material, is a material that many engineers and architects in the construction industry prefer. GRC elements are robust and imposing, yet light in weight and speedy to erect. They are also attractive in appearance and require minimum or zero maintenance. GRC provides architects with one-of-a-kind and unrivalled opportunity to express their individual elucidation of their vision and inventiveness; and it gives the builder easy adaptability according to the Architect, and operational easiness in terms of shape, form, finish, weight, molding flexibility, ease of mobilization and long term technical properties.

Product Offerings:
GRC Column, Capital and Base.
GRC Window Surround
GRC Decorative
GRC Screen
GRC Dome
GRC Cornice, Etc.